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The Fascia Research Group , is part of the Division of Neurophysiology, of Ulm University, Germany. In close collaboration with other international research groups devoted to the rapidly developing field of fascia research, we attempt to explore the biomechanical, sensorial and physiological properties of the body wide fascial network in the human body. Tissues included (in our understanding of the fascial network) encompass aponeuroses, intramuscular connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, septi, retinaculae, in addition to dense irregular connective tissue sheets ('proper fasciae') such as the nucheal fascia or plantar fascia.

Current research activities of our group include:

  • Mechanographic and histological examination of active fascial contractility.
  • Function of the human lumbar fascia in walking
  • Response of human fasciae to therapeutic manipulation, such as manual myofascial treatments or active/passive stretching
  • The role of calcium activated potassium channels in myofibroblast proliferation and in fibroproliferative diseases

-> Fascia Research Summer School in Leipzig, 4. - 9. Sept. 2016  Info & Registration

->Visit our international networking website: www.fasciaresearch.com

->Connective Tissues in Sports Medicine, March 16-19, 2017

->Info about the Fascia Research Society

-> Fascia oriented anatomy course with Andry Vleeming in Berlin, 5.05. - 8.05.2016

-> Info on our Fascia Research Intensive (a mentored academic internship)

-> Biomechanics Summer Course, 19.-22. July 2016




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